Paul Pogba Manchester United Reveal is Embarrassing

Paul Pogba has been formally announced as Manchester United’s latest signing, though the manner in which the Frenchman has been unveiled leaves a lot to be desired.

In a video produced in conjunction with Adidas, Pogba is debuted as Man U’s new transfer by way of a short music video alongside rapper Stormzy. Considering how long this transfer saga has lasted, it’s no real surprise that Pogba’s reveal in a United shirt was unconventional, but bloody hell it didn’t have to happen like this, did it?

Pogba is the most expensive transfer in football history, but that’s still no excuse for this video. Hearing Stormzy ingratiate Pogba to the Premier League by way of explaining how he “shut down Iceland”, a country with a population of 320,000 people, is hard to hear and certainly not helping to ease the concerns of fans who feel that the club may have splashed out far too much case on acquiring the 23-year-old midfielder’s services.

With a transfer fee besting the £85 million Real Madrid paid to Tottenham back in 2013, Jose Mourinho has high hopes that Pogba will match his expectations, who has said that he can become the “heart of the club” for the duration of the next decade. Considering that Pogba was previously sold for £1.5 million by United to Juventus in 2012, meaning that the Italian club has received a direct £87.5 million profit from that acquisition, it is hoped that Pogba doesn’t become yet another bank-rolling Premier League flop.

Check out the player’s questionable unveiling in the below video: