Video Exclusive | Sit Front Row For The Boxer Rebellion

Photo: Ryan Hunter for Guitar Center

The Boxer Rebellion are one of those Brit Pop bands whom have been tagged as the “next big thing,” but have never quite crossed over into Coldplay or even Keane territory. Still, it’s a testament to their brooding rock anthems that a band that’s been around for 15 years can still be considered buzz-worthy.

This Crave exclusive clip of the international indie band’s performance in the latest At Guitar Center web series proves why they could still one day sell out arenas. At Guitar Center is an online extension of the award-winning DIRECTV Guitar Center Sessions, featuring the same insider look into a music acts’ background, craftsmanship and style in order to give listeners a front-row experience to how these artists create and came to be. 

This performance of “Let’s Disappear” was recorded at the world-famous Guitar Center Hollywood Vintage Room and is from the band’s latest album, Ocean by Ocean.