‘Arthur’ TV Network Is Sick Of People Sharing Explicit Arthur Memes

The original broadcaster of ’90s children’s animated series Arthur has declared that it is sick of people using screenshots from the television show to create inappropriate and often explicit memes.

In the latest appropriation of ’90s pop culture references to be revitalized by the internet – recent weeks have seen the creation of a number of memes including most prominently ‘Arthur’s Fist’ , ‘Bugged-Out D.W.’ and ‘Swag Arthur’ with explicit captions.

Now WGBH, the public US broadcaster where the show originally aired, has said it is”‘disappointed” with some of the images depicted by fans.

WGBH spokesperson Kelly London told the Boston Globe that although “we certainly are lucky to have a fan base that is so engaged with Arthur, especially those millennials who grew up with him,’’ the network is “disappointed by the few that are outside of good taste.’’

Lond went on to say “our hope is that Arthur and his friends will be depicted in a way that is respectful and appropriate for all audiences.”

Check out some of the best of the best of explicit/inappropriate Arthur memes below.