TmarTn Apology Video for CS: GO Betting Controversy Has to Be Seen to Be Believed

A few days ago, we reported on how hugely popular YouTubers Trevor “TmarTn” Martin and Tom “Syndicate” Cassell were involved in a major controversy that promptly saw them being called out by their followers and others in the YouTube gaming community, following their lack of disclosure regarding their ownership of CS: GO betting site, which they had both advertised on their channels without revealing that they were so closely affiliated with the company. However, now TmarTn has uploaded an apology video in which he continues to fail to own up to his mistake, instead insisting that he had been transparent about his ownership of despite that not being the case.

The video, which the YouTuber has since removed from his channel but has been reuploaded to, sees Martin offering an excruciating non-apology by way of once again insisting that his ownership of has been “a matter of public record” since December 2015, even though he didn’t publicly announce his involvement with the site. Martin has previously claimed that he didn’t own the site until that month, despite the company’s charters revealing that both he and Syndicate were among its founders. Martin had also previously claimed that he had included disclosure in the descriptions of his videos, despite the Google cache of these videos revealing that he had altered them after the controversy. He subsequently made all of the videos in which he had promoted private, aside from one recorded in November 2015, which he still insists was uploaded prior to his ownership of the company.

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During TmarTn’s two-minute apology video, he glosses over the cause of the controversy – him producing promotional videos for a gambling site he owns, wherein he recorded himself winning money on his own site without mentioning that was the case – in favor of focusing upon the legalities of the site itself. While his statement in the video that is in compliance with the law is true, that isn’t really the issue many have had with him and Syndicate’s behavior. As such, the video promptly received tens of thousands of dislikes and angry comments, before TmarTn pulled it from his YouTube channel. After doing so he replied to the following tweet, in which he seems to admit that he had lied in his apology video:

Watch TmarTn’s apology video below: