Left 4 Dead 3 Revealed by Valve Employee in Accidental Screenshot

Left 4 Dead 3 appears to have been accidentally revealed by a Valve employee, who unwittingly posted a screenshot of his desktop that included a folder pertaining to the unannounced sequel.

Valve conceptual artist Tristan Reidford made the mistake after posting a tutorial for importing assets to the company’s new Destinations platform, with him including a screenshot of his recently viewed folders, one of which was clearly titled ‘left4dead3’. What makes this screenshot is even more suspicious is that after people noticed it, it was promptly removed and replaced with a new screenshot that only featured Reidford’s default folders.

However, screenshots were quickly taken before the picture was removed, clearly showing ‘left4dead3’ listed in the list of Reidford’s folders:


As outlined by YouTube channel Valve News Network, this major hint that Left 4 Dead 3 is on its way is made even more curious when you consider that the Left 4 Dead 2 beta has been updated a number of times recently, leading to speculation that Valve has been working on the new game under the moniker of the last entry in the series in order to avoid suspicion. Reidford has also been very active on Left 4 Dead 2 recently, with his Steam profile showing it as his most-played game in recent weeks alongside the Destinations app. Whether or not it’s a coincidence that he’s suddenly become interested in the seven-year-old game, or if he’s looking towards it for inspiration for its potential sequel, remains to be seen.

With it having been so long since we played a new Left 4 Dead game (or a new Valve game in general, actually), we really hope that this big hint really does indicate that we’ll be playing Left 4 Dead 3 at some point in the near future.