Bryan Fuller Drops a Few Details About The New ‘Star Trek’ Series

Bryan Fuller began his career as a writer on Star Trek, and he’ll soon be revisiting the franchise for a new series on CBS All Access. While Fuller has indicated that more news about the revival is coming at Comic-Con International, he dropped several new tidbits at the Saturn Awards earlier this week.

While speaking with Collider, Fuller confirmed that the new Star Trek show will have a 13 episode first season, with a serialized story that will be told across the entire season. That’s a first for the franchise, which only flirted with full serialization in Deep Space Nine and Enterprise. Fuller noted that production will begin this fall and extend into March 2017. If CBS All Access is still planning to debut the series next January then that suggests that the new show will be serialized instead of every episode being released all at once. That’s probably because the series is being used as a selling point by CBS, which will keep the new subscribers around for at least 13 weeks…in theory.

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Surprisingly, Fuller appeared to indicate that casting has only begun, and he didn’t tip his hand about whether anyone has been selected. “I’ve met with a few actors, and it’s an interesting process,” related Fuller. “There’s a few people that we like and we want to carry on what Star Trek does best, which is being progressive. So it’s fascinating to look at all of these roles through a colorblind prism and a gender-blind prism, so that’s exciting.”

He went on to heavily imply that the new series will have LGBTQ representation, but he stopped short of actually confirming that. “I think the progressive audience that loves Star Trek will be happy that we’re continuing that tradition.” Finally, Fuller teased that the production team was looking at race cars for inspiration when designing the new ships.

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Photo Credit: CBS All Access


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