Exclusive Preview | ‘Uncanny Inhumans’ # 11

Queen Medusa thought that the newly emerged precognitive Inhuman known as Ulysses would give her people an even greater acceptance among the superhero community. Instead, Ulysses has inadvertently kicked off Civil War II, and the casualties are already piling up! 

In his apparent bout of madness, Iron Man kidnapped Ulysses to prevent Captain Marvel from utilizing his powers again. In the process, Iron Man attacked the Inhumans in their home and essentially declared war on them. Now, the Inhumans are looking to Medusa for her leadership…and she’s letting them down!

Writer Charles Soule and artist Carlos Pacheco are collaborating on Uncanny Inhumans # 11, which finds the titular characters divided over how to respond to Tony Stark’s attack. And in CraveOnline’s exclusive preview, Medusa’s decision has the unfortunate effect of forcing her people to question whether she is truly fit to leave. With so many enemies in the outside world, their latest conflict may come from within.

If you think about it, Ulysses and his apparent powers would be the perfect plan for some supervillain (probably Maximus) to mislead the heroes into fighting each other and bring down Medusa’s reign. However, it would be equally apt if it wasn’t a trick and Marvel’s superheroes are primed to take each other down again. The last time this happened, the result was Secret Invasion and Dark Reign. What will the consequences bring this time?

Uncanny Inhumans # 11 will be released on Wednesday, June 29.

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Photo Credit: All images provided by Marvel Comics


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