Richmond Tigers To Boycott Triple M Following Eddie McGuire’s Comments About Drowning A Female Sports Journo

There’s been pretty much sweet FA in the way of professional consequences for serial shit-sprayer Eddie McGuire following his “joke” about drowning female sports journalist Caroline Wilson. AFL club Collingwood have backed their president, following his frankly token apology in the face of a huge public outcry.

But Richmond FC aren’t so satisfied. The Tigers have decided to stand up against this kind of thinly veiled misogyny in the footballing community by boycotting Triple M, the station that first aired McGuire’s comments.

Their ban against the radio behemoth means they’ll be freezing the M’s out of interviews, after-match chats and pretty much all media opportunities for at least a week.

Veteran Richmond forward Jack Riewoldt announced the decision on Fox Footy’s 360 program last night, explaining that the move had been driven by “a couple of senior players”:

“There’ve been discussions at our footy club in terms of how we felt about it and how everything went down on Queen’s Birthday commentary in regards to Caro. I think the club is pretty strong in its stance.
Our club’s a real leader for supporting women’s rights. We’ve done a lot of things with chief executive Brendon Gale being a champion of change as well.
Only sitting in the car speaking to my partner about it, the way I look at it and the way we’ve spoken about it is if it was her in that situation and I was the partner of her and Caro’s got a husband, how would you feel about that? You’ve just got to be yourself in her shoes.
“I’m so proud of my football club to be able to do this and be a face of change and stand up and say, ‘you know what, we don’t think this is the right way to go about it’.”
Triple M are still booked to broadcast the Tigers’ game against the Brisbane Lions this weekend, so I guess we’ll see how that goes.
Ironically, the whole controversy surrounding McGuire’s comments erupted around the same time as the AFL’s White Ribbon round, which is dedicated to ending domestic violence.
I think this Twitter user put it best: