R.I.P. Anton Yelchin, Star of ‘Star Trek’ and ‘Green Room’ (1989-2016)

Devastating news: Anton Yelchin – the star of Green Room and Star Trek – has been killed in a car collision.

The Russian-born actor had been working steadily in film and television since 2000, and emerged from child acting roles in Hearts in Atlantis and Along Came a Spider into a charming, funny leading man in films ranging from the teen comedy Charlie Bartlett to the acclaimed independent drama Like Crazy, to the underrated horror remake Fright Night. His most recent thriller, Green Room, proved to be one of his most celebrated motion pictures.

But of course, mainstream audiences know Anton Yelchin best as Pavel Chekov in Star TrekStar Trek Into Darkness and the upcoming sequel Star Trek Beyond, which is scheduled to premiere in just one month.

Variety reports that Anton Yelchin was discovered at his home by friends after he didn’t show up to a rehearsal. He was pinned by his own car, which was still running, and in neutral. The unusual incident has yet to be fully explained.

Our hearts go out to Anton Yelchin’s friends and family in this tragic time. Anton Yelchin was a fine actor and, based on the occasions when I was fortunate enough to meet and interview him, a very sweet young man. He will be missed.

Our Favorite Anton Yelchin Movies:

Photo by Paul Redmond/FilmMagic

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