Spike TV To Launch In Australia

Bros, prepare to word up the squad, US extreme TV staple Spike TV has announced it will be launching in Australia this year, bringing its content with it. The channel will be available on Fetch TV so, it’s finally time to take that thing out of the box.

Now you can bro out to some sweet police chase action then high-five to some brutal KOs on Bellator MMA and get some ink-spiration on Ink Master. After all that excitement, you can order some pizza and wind down to some celebrity Lip Sync Battles, like the ones with Channing Tatum and Beyonce.

Spike will launch on Friday, 1st July on channel 112. At this stage, there’s no word on if the content will be localized but maybe that’s for the best, no one wants to see *Outspoken and out-dated radio presenter* in a lip sync battle with *Scandal-ridden-but-attempting-to-revive-failed-career former sports person*. 

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SPIKE -THE ONES TO WATCH from Viacom Networks on Vimeo.