Shark Week Returns To Discovery June 27th

With the Shark Week countdown in full swing, Daily Planet celebrates television’s most iconic event dedicated to the planet’s most voracious – and at times dangerous – underwater creatures. Co-hosts Ziya Tong and Dan Riskin return for the third year to anchor Canada’s Shark Week on Daily Planet

Airing daily at 7pm from Monday, June 27th through Friday, July 1st on Discovery, Daily Planet dives to the depths of the ocean to deliver a comprehensive shark-themed story lineup that captures heart-stopping close encounters, the strangest species of sharks, and spotlights revolutionary technology that uncovers the elusive creature like never before.

In addition, Discovery GO is currently featuring complementary shark content, and beginning June 24, Crave TV will begin presenting its Shark Week collection.

From seeking out the oceanic whitetip shark in the Bahamas alongside award-winning wildlife photographer and director of Sharkwater, Rob Stewart, to diving into the deep, frigid Arctic waters in search of the elusive Greenland shark – and even an up-close look at the world’s first shark detection buoy – Daily Planet offers full access to cutting-edge shark research and awe-inspiring underwater footage.

Within the five gripping hours and all-week long, Daily Planet delivers  three fascinating mini-series – “Weird Sharks”, “Close Encounters”, and “Like a Shark” – breaking down the world’s strangest sharks, capturing visually-stunning close-ups with sharks, and interpreting in human terms how sharks relax, travel, birth, and more.