American Visionary Art Museum Celebrates Self-Taught Artists


So many art museum will have well-polished statues and portraits of religious scenes and historic power players. Baltimore holds the only museum with a larger than life representation of John Waters’ own Divine

The American Visionary Art Museum is dedicated exclusively to non-traditional, self-taught artists. Other terms for the talented people featured within its walls also go by terms like intuitive art, raw art or “art brut.”

Created and curated by the endlessly passionate and energized Rebecca Alban Hoffberger, the museum searches out and displays sculptures, paintings and mixed media pieces from international artists who possess little official training — men and women who create spontaneously without commission or public following. The place exists to give the artistic “outsider” a voice and place to gain some public exposure.

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During a recent visit to the city, I had a chance to tour through The American Visionary with a camera to send out to the world a glimpse into the collection studding the multi-hall facility. You can see some of the bizarre, inspired and unique works in the gallery below: