Benefits of Having A Shaved Head

Photo: Trevor Williams(Getty Images)

There is a moment in the lives of many men, in which they must look themselves in the mirror and realize that the hair has to go. The little remains of it, anyway. Of course, not all shaved heads are a result of a receding hairline, but most are. Some just grab the razor and do it without pondering about it too much, while for others it is a pretty big deal, the sign of a new era in their lives. But having a shaved head can have its benefits, very significant ones that make every day better.

You look wiser

Maybe because of the Buddhists monks that all rock the shaved head, yet somehow all men who have cleanly shaved heads look wiser. Definitely more so than those who are stubbornly rejecting to get rid of all three hairs they have left on their scalp, despite all the receding hairline jokes they have to endure. They mostly look like they don’t care about how they look while those with the shaven head undeniably look wiser. Maybe it’s a visual thing because the part of the body we correlate with intellect is visibly showing, it’s not “hidden”.

Less expenses

Since you can, and most bald men are, be your own barber, that’s a lot of money that you’ll save on trips to the hairdresser. Not to mention the time you’ll save by not having to go out of your house, make an appointment with the hair dresser, and wait in line. After you get a hang of it, you’ll be done shaving in no time, on auto-pilot.

You look tougher

Maybe because of the reputation of Shaolin monks, or the skin-heads, but men with shaven heads tend to look tougher. It’s perhaps the fact that hair looks and feels soft, while a shaven scalp looks and is hard. Yet, it could be that in the military people get their head shaven. Regardless of why, but is certain that bald men are regarded as dominant and that they tend to have a stronger authority in groups.

You look younger

It’s uncanny how many men without hair get told that they look much younger than their age. This could be related to the fact that infants are born without hair, and besides bald men, they are the only group that has no hair on top of the head. A more concrete reason is that there is no gray hair to be seen, the main give away of the elderly. Also, at the time men get older, they tend to let loose and stop taking care of themselves, their hair included, so they look a bit scruffy, or out of fashion. But a shaved head never goes out of style.

No haircut worries

This benefit might slip your mind if your stressing about going bald, but it’s an undeniable, great paradox – you don’t have to worry about haircuts ever again. And not just in a way of choosing your haircut for the next couple of weeks or months at the hairdresser, you also don’t have to worry and lose time on styling it every time you go out. Additionally, you can wear hats, caps, and hoods without stressing about whether your hair will get squashed.

There are numerous other benefits of having a shaved head, like the superstition that bald men are better lovers, also nobody can grab you by your hair in a tussle, while others who you like can always touch your head and not feel gel or dandruff. Write some additional benefits in the comments section below.

If you don’t feel particularly encouraged by these points, you can rest assured as hair transplantation is becoming way better, as evident by athletes who had problems with it like LeBron James and Wayne Rooney. For now, it’s reserved for the rich, but in a few years the technology and the methods will spread out, so the procedures will be cheaper.

If even that can’t put you out of the slump, just remember all the successful men that rocked the shaved head like Micheal Jordan, Zinedine Zidane, Vin Diesel, and others.

Just Make Sure You Keep Your Back and Chest Hair In Check.