Trix Cereal Got A Makeover And People Are Super Pissed Off

Don’t mess with the ’90s.

If you’re a fan of Trix cereal you would expect to see a bunch of bright colors and crazy shapes anytime you pour it into a bowl — you know, just a bunch of neon colors. It’s something that is supposed to get your morning started off right. But there’s been a massive change, and people aren’t happy about it.

As part of a new initiative, General Mills has decided to remove artificial flavors and colors to their cereals. And as far as Trix cereal go, “fruit and vegetable juice are now used for flavoring and spice extracts for color, replacing lab-made ingredients such as Red 40 and Yellow 6.” You monsters.

Just take a look at what Trix looks like now.

The horror.

And while Golden Grahams and Cocoa Puffs also got a makeover, it’s Trix cereal that got the most dramatic makeover of all. Here’s what Lauren Pradhan, a senior marketing manager had to say:

“We recognize food culture and food values are changing. We wanted to say ‘Hey we get it’ and ‘You can love your favorites all over again.'” No Lauren, you don’t get it.

And Twitter also didn’t get it:

RIP ’90s Trix.

Photo: YouTube

Photo: YouTube

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