HJC Adds to ‘Star Wars’ Helmet Line with IS-5 ‘Luke Skywalker X-Wing’

The motorcycle-loving people behind HJC Helmets finally added a good guy to their popular Star Wars line with the addition of an icon from the original trilogy of movies.

The Star Wars collection grew by one with the IS-5 Luke Skywalker X-Wing. The X-Wing model joins the pre-existing Kylo Ren and Boba Fett versions.

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According to HJC, the classic hero’s Death Star-blowing headgear is “captured through great attention to detail, right down to the marks of distress and amber sunshield to create remarkable character resemblance.”

The Luke Skywalker graphic will appear on HJC’s IS-5 helmet in North America and the FG-70 in Europe. Both are retro-style, open face helmets, with the drop down sunshields.


More important than its sci-fi origins, this Luke Skywalker model is a fully functional, skull-protecting helmet that meets all U.S. DOT regulations. That’s an important point because I wouldn’t put it past the po-po in any U.S. state to pull over a rider wearing a Star Wars helmet to make sure it’s not just a costume.

Finally, the IS-5 Luke Skywalker X-Wing helmet will be part of the Star Wars 40th Anniversary celebration and will wear special celebration tags.