First Look | BBC America’s ‘Top Gear’ Series 24 Episode 6

Get ready, America! This weekend, the sixth episode from Top Gear series 24 is heading to these shores, courtesy of BBC America. And this time, Top Gear isn’t going to put its hosts in the best vehicles on the market. While visiting Cuba, Chris Harris and Rory Reid are going second hand with their sports cars as they travel across the small island nation.

In CraveOnline’s preview from the sixth episode of Top Gear series 24, Harris and Reid decide to take up a local custom and pick up a few hitchhikers along the way. I mean, what could possibly go wrong with that idea? It’s not as if the locals will rush the car and try to cram as many people in them as humanly possible. And they’re certainly not going to freak Reid out by bringing a live rooster along for the ride and then setting it loose in the car, right?

Actually, all of those things happened. And this is just a brief glimpse of Reid and Harris’ misadventures in Cuba.

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Matt LeBlanc gets to grip with the fire-breathing Mercedes-AMG GT R supercar. Elsewhere, Chris Harris and Rory Reid journey across Cuba in a pair of second-hand sports cars, while comedian Ross Noble takes to the Top Gear track

Top Gear Series 24 episode 6 will make its North American debut on Sunday, April 16 at 8pm on BBC America.

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Photo Credit: BBC America