Zlatan Ibrahimovic Releases Unisex Junior Collection For A-Z

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has released a junior collection for his sportswear brand A-Z, hoping to encourage children aged from 5 – 14 to exercise more and stay healthy.

The Manchester United striker is at the forefront of one of the very first unisex clothing lines available for kids, and in typical Zlatan style he stated that the intention behind the new clothing range is because he believes kids should view themselves as the “first line – just like I see myself.”

”Even if you’re a junior or an adult, a boy or a girl, it shouldn’t be any difference. They should have the same quality as everybody else,” the Swedish international said. ”When I see kids, I see the future, I see the happiness, I see the hope in their eyes. They’re willing to do it, to become what I am, so for me they’re everything.”

Take a look at Ibrahimovic’s comments regarding the new line below:

A-Z is a sportswear brand formed in collaboration between Ibrahimovic and clothing giant Varner, with it shipping to various European countries including the UK. You can take a look at its new junior line right here.