This Brooke Hogan Poem Should Clear It All Up

I guess because she wants to stay in the will, Brooke Hogan wrote a poem called, If You Knew My Father, to let people know that Hulk Hogan isn’t racist an has a kind heart even though he said, “I am racist”. This a line from the poem:

Human isn’t perfect, and perfect is not he.

Remember when Brooke Hogan tried to launch a singing career and failed because she had black producers? Statistics have shown that white girls with black producers usually fail at launching successful singing careers because  lol jk did you read that line in her poem? Anyway, it’s still pretty heartfelt, I guess, and it would go a long way to change peoples’ minds, but while she was writing this, Hulk Hogan was on Twitter basically retweeting people who are wondering why he isn’t allowed to say “nigger”. I mean, because if Obama can say it since he’s half white, then why can’t Hulk Hogan? I might be reaching here, but I assume Hogan isn’t called a nigger a million times a day on social media. You know, like Obama. Please understand this is just a theory I have. I’m sure there’s a valid reason why Hogan wants to use this word so bad. Probably in a nuanced argument for prison reform I bet.