Karlie Kloss Is Trying To Make Young Girls Nerds

We last saw Karlie Kloss maybe possibly allegedly oh god please let be true scissoring Taylor Swift, now she wants all young girls to learn how to code for free. For free?! Where is this? France? Brazil?! You’ll get no free college here commie libtard unless you plan on making the NCAA billions and commit suicide over CTE. This is America, dammit.

I’m so excited to partner with the Flatiron School to launch the Kode With Karlie scholarship and give twenty young women a chance to spend two weeks with other coding students learning and having fun this summer! If one girl leaves the course inspired to keep learning code, I’ll be happy!…It doesn’t matter if you’re a fashion model or high school student, understanding code is so important because it’s the language that runs our world! Young women are shaping the world we live in and code is a tool for us to continue to have a big voice and say in our future.

In all seriousness,  this is pretty cool, because we all know women are very detail-oriented and can spot and remember a mistake from six months ago, so they’re natural coders. I just feel sorry for all the girls who applied who aren’t Asian.