Kate Upton Is Mad At Terry Richardson For The Cat Daddy Video

Kate Upton Cat Daddy


If you can think of a time you knew who Kate Upton was before this video was released, please feel free to let us know other events that will happen in the future before you go back to your home planet that’s filled with mystical psychics.

“That was disrespectful, you could have told me!” the 21-year-old said she told photographer Terry Richardson, who posted the clip in 2012, after it went viral. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue cover model told Vogue UK in a new interview that she was horrified to see the minute-long video of herself dancing while wearing an extremely small bikini go viral, in part because she thought it had just been filmed for fun and wouldn’t be seen by anyone who wasn’t at the photoshoot. But whether or not she wanted the video to be released, it was an immediate hit and has garnered more than 21 million views in the last three years, which might be why Upton’s opinion of it has softened slightly. “Now, obviously, it’s fine,” she said.

I can think of a lot of stuff to be mad at Terry Richardson about, like his glasses and the fact he’s probably a serial rapist who preys on young, desperate models, but a releasing a video of Kate Upton’s tits bouncing in slow motion isn’t really one of them. Like if ISIS released a video if them beheading Ted Cruz or Flo from the Progressive commercials, I’d create multiple Facebook accounts so I could like it more than once.