Taylor Swift Is Already Denying Scissoring Karlie Kloss

Forget other things you might have read, but Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss having sex is the most important story of the day. Sorry. But as they do, Gossip Cop likes to ruin everything.

There’s nothing “#confirmed” about the alleged makeout session. Swift and Kloss are good pals who have held hands in public and been affectionate toward each other countless times. While the hazy photos from Thursday show Swift and Kloss embracing and it looks like they could be kissing, they actually were just trying to hear each other in the midst of a loud concert. A rep for Swift laughed off the Kloss rumor when Gossip Cop inquired, exclusively telling us the latest online gossip was “hilarious.” Swift and Kloss are friends and nothing more. Apologies to everyone who prefers the more sensational version of the story.

We can go with the “the concert was loud” angle if you want, but unless this is how Taylor Swift feeds Karlie Kloss, this is clearly a kiss. Klearly. Khis kis kotal kand komplete kissing kand khey krobably kent kome kand kanged christ Karlie Kloss has a dumb name.