Here’s Emma Watson Pole Dancing In ‘The Bling Ring’

Seen here at last night's 2013 MTV Movie Awards where she won the Trailblazer Award despite only being 22 (ok, then), Emma Watson stars in Sofia Coppola's new flick, The Bling Ring (the movie about the Hollywood kids who broke into Paris Hilton's and Lindsay Lohans' houses). And in the movie she pole dances. And since all of you are degenerate perverts, I'm posting this because the most traffic I'e ever received on the site is from the search term, "Emma Watson Upskirt". What's the matter with you? Quite frankly you all disgust me. Call me, Hermione. Let's open a bottle of wine and talk about this. What? Oh no, it's not like that. Let's just see what comes natural, baby.