Jennifer Lopez Makes Her Kids Call Her Boyfriend “Daddy”

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This is how Lifetime movies get made. Bossip reports:

While staying with their famous father recently, Marc and Jennifer’s 3-year-old twins, Emme and Max, referred to J.Lo’s 24- year-old backup dancer beau, Casper Smart, as “Daddy Casper,” say sources. An enraged Marc immediately called Jennifer and blasted her, telling her that if she didn’t fix the situation pronto, he was going to let the kids call HIS new girlfriend, 24-year-old Venezuelan model Shannon De Lima, “Mommy Shannon”! “Marc couldn’t believe his ears when he heard Emme and Max utter the words ‘Daddy Casper’ during a recent visit,” revealed an insider. “He thinks Casper is nothing more than a young fling to make Jennifer feel better about herself after the divorce. “Marc mockingly told Jennifer that if Casper wants to be called ‘Daddy,’ he needs to start acting like it and pay some of their children’s expenses instead of just sponging off of her! “Jennifer freaked out and told Marc he was childish, but she promised to correct the situation.”

Poor Max and Emme. Because of their bitch mom, they have no idea who their father is. Is it the wigger one? Is it the dead one? They don’t know. Hopefully they’ll find a dragon scale in their bedroom then wish with all their heart so they can escape all this and fly with dragons in a land apart. Come along, take my hand. Let’s all go to Dragon Land.