Adrianne Curry Will Get Naked For 300K Twitter Followers

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As usual, I’m late to this story, but Adrianne Curry has promised to get naked if she get 300,000 followers on Twitter. She’s apparently very committed to this and we should go shake her father’s hand for sneaking in her room at night when she was a child or whatever he did her.

Looks like when I hit300k a self taken photo of me is what is being requested. ould’ve thought you’d like it pro,but it’s the peoples choice

I figured I want2make my 300k twitpic quite epic. Getting a photoshoot together2get newer photos as opposed to posting a few month old 1

I jumped 14k followers in 2days because of offering2post an artistic beautiful topless modeling shot.The people have spoken.They like boobs

The only thing she hasn’t shown on Twitter yet is her nipples or vagina, so I’m wondering what the hell she’ll do to get a million followers? To be honest, promising an x-ray of her cervix might not get people as excited.