William Levy Is The Cuban Joe Francis

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People want to call Jennifer Lopez a whore for throwing away her marriage for a guy who was in her video. But in Lopez’s defense, all ladies melt when a guy tells them about the time they forced a minor to blow them in a hotel room so he could give her an STD when he shot in her mouth while he was strangling her. What lady could resist? Radar Online reports:

The hot Latin soap hunk, William Levy, who was featured in Jennifer Lopez’s steamy music video, I’m Into You is being sued for sexual battery, battery committed by offensive touching, and false imprisonment, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting. The court documents state that on July 19, 2010: “Through deception and trickery Levy, with the aid of several members of his entrourage, lured Plaintiff back to the Hilton Hotel in Glendale. Plaintiff, who was infatuated with Levy – a rising star of international renown for his work on Spanish language telenovelas – wanted his autograph. During the course of their conversation at a Hilton restaurant, Levy invited Plaintiff to a private room for discussion. Defendant then maneuvered himself so that Plaintiff could not walk in any direction without passing Defendant.” The alleged victim, is a minor, and RadarOnline.com is withholding her name. The complaint goes on to state that Levy “forced Plaintiff to perform [sex act] on him, strangling her in the process. He e****lated in her mouth, on her person, through which he transmitted a sexual disease to plaintiff. Plaintiff was subsequently taken to urgent care at Concentra Medical Center by a friend.”

So, there’s a 50/50 chance that Jennifer Lopez has an STD. That’s probably the best thing about this story. But I feel I should take this time to warn other ladies who might be reading this. So, if you don’t like being mouth raped and awkwardly calling in a prescription, I might take this guy’s poster off your wall.