Someone Paid The One On The Right To Strip

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Annalynne McCord’s been trying to make her sisters happen for a while. Angel McCord got her own piece in Page Six today. From The New York Post:

Annalynne McCord’s equally attractive sister, Angel, upstaged Britney Spears the other night by jumping into a pool in her underwear in front of 170 guests at a Britney-hosted LA dinner for the St. Bernard Project, which helps those still homeless after Hurricane Katrina. Angel offered, “My sister and I grew up in a trailer park — it is important we raise money. And if we get over $15,000, I’ll take off my dress and jump in the pool.” A spy reports, “A guy stood up and said, ‘Done!’ She took off her jewelry, called her friend over to unzip her dress and jumped in” — drawing cheers from Selena Gomez, Hilary Duff and Reggie Bush.

I think Angel McCord mixed up “trailer park” with “kennel club,” but whatever. It’s for a good cause. But if this wasn’t a pool of nuclear waste, that guy’s going to want a refund. And based on the opening line of this article describing Angel as “equally atrractive,” Annalynne McCord deserves a refund too, but from her plastic surgeon.

All images via WENN.