Tony Overthromo Has Moved On

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Jessica Simpson can go cry in her Moose Tracks now, because less than two months after dumping her a day before her birthday, Tony Romo has found him a new piece. Us Magazine reports:

The Dallas Cowboys quarterback, 29, is dating Chace Crawford’s little sister, Candice, a 22-year-old beauty queen who looks strikingly similar to Romo’s ex Jessica Simpson, a source close to Romo confirms “She’s not happy that it’s out [in the media], but they weren’t trying to hide,” a source close to Candice tells Usthe day after first reported the coupling. “They’ve gone out to dinner in Dallas a bunch.”

This blonde is way hotter, so sorry Dallas fans. Tony Romo is completely baffled and confused on the field during the playoffs anyway, and he looked like a caveman who was just teleported to Six Flags whenever Jessica Simpson was in the stands, so you can probably imagine what’s gonna happen now. More than likely an incomplete pass, but there’s a strong possibility he might try to light the ball on fire and launch it with a catapult.

Chace Crawford is in Gossip Girl. So are Blake Lively’s tits: