Congrats, Ladies. He’s Single!

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Hollywood is a place where chicks go when they dream of stardom. Also, if you’re a chick, it’s a good place to get your ass kicked. What fun! TMZ reports:

TMZ has learned Hayden Christensen’s brother, producer Tove Christensen, was arrested early this morning for felony assault with a deadly weapon — when he allegedly dragged his girlfriend around 30 feet after she clung to the side of his car. LAPD responded to a 911 call in Hollywood around 2:30 AM after an argument broke out between the couple. Witnesses told law enforcement that Christensen pushed her to the ground and hopped in his car — but when his GF reached inside to grab her purse, Tove hit the gas and dragged her down the street. When police arrived, the girlfriend had visible marks on her arm. They later tracked down Tove at his L.A. home and arrested him.

Man, Chris Brown and Joe Francis got nothing on this guy. I bet they’re at home right now writing him thank you cards and wondering what kind of gift certificate to get him, because when you’re a uncontrollable lunatic who can’t handle his emotions, hearing about some dude dragging his girlfriend behind his car has to be pretty impressive.

I was gonna post pictures of Hayden Christensen, but when I typed in “Hayden Christensen”, the pic forums pulled up these pics of Hayden Panettiere in these tight little shorts. Pic forums, what perverts those guys are!