Lindsay Lohan Has Lost Her Damn Mind

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Who in the hell knows why or how, but in the magical land of delusion and insanity that Lindsay Lohan calls a mind, she truly believes that she is the second coming of Marilyn Monroe. I’ll repeat that: Lindsay Lohan believes she is Marilyn Monroe. Since she has no concept of reality, she is pitching a remake of Monroe’s Some Like It Hot, to studio heads with her as the star. You’ll never guess the reaction! San Francisco Chronicle reports:

Sources close to Lohan claims she sees real parallels between her life and that of the Monroe and is pitching a remake to Hollywood bosses. According to OK! magazine, director Brett Ratner has already rejected the idea, but Lohan isn’t giving up. An insider tells the tabloid, “Lindsay is pinning her hopes on getting a remake of ‘Some Like It Hot’ off the ground. “She’s undaunted, but there’s no script and there’s no money. The only thing Lindsay has to sell is herself. “She sees herself as the second coming of Marilyn Monroe — misunderstood, talented and in desperate need of an incredible film vehicle that will truly showcase her talents.”

So to reiterate, there’s no script, no director, no money, and no chance in hell Lindsay Lohan will ever be a movie star again. The only thing Lindsay Lohan will ever star in again is an airtighting instruction video.

Lindsay Lohan playing pretend. You can also see Lindsay’s nude recreation of a classic Marilyn photoshoot here and here (NSFW):