Lucy Pinder Has the Right Idea

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For those of you who don’t know, Lucy Pinder is one of the many British “glamour” models who are famous for no other reason than having gigantic racks and the skill of being easily talked into showing them. Lucy has parlayed this success into a spot as a houseguest on the new UK Big Brother which premiered last night. It didn’t take her long to say the greatest thing in the history of the world. The Sun reports:

PERKY Miss Pinder claimed last night that she would love to get it on with American actress Megan Fox – if only she (Lucy) was a lesbian. Nobody’s stopping you, Luce. “She is hot, she looks like a doll,” said Lucy seductively.

If any of you ladies have a flat tire but don’t have a jack, now would be a pretty good time to give me a call. Seriously, if you’re a dude and Lucy Pinder licking on Megan Fox doesn’t seem like a good idea, call your parents, I think you have a secret to tell them.

Note: I’ve sat here for like ten minutes trying to think of a better pair of chicks to have a threesome with but my penis keeps saying “no results found”. Everybody else will forever be a runner up. Or the Ohio State of threesomes if you will.