Justin Long Gets All The Chicks

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Sorry fellas, but Kirsten Dunst is taken. Turns out Justin Long, the guy from the Mac commercial, has conquered her heart. New York Daily News reports:

Now it’s Justin Long’s turn on the Kirsten Dunst train. The “Mac guy” was snogging Dunst, who’s been with Jake Gyllenhaal, Josh Hartnett, Andy Samberg and Orlando Bloom, in L.A. at Sunset Junction. The duo “were making out hard-core while waiting in line for margaritas,” says our spy. “They were holding hands and were all over each other.”

Please keep in mind that Justin Long’s last girlfriend was Drew Barrymore. Now it’s Kirsten Dunst. Drew Barrymore. Kirsten Dunst. When asked for comment, his penis said, “Hey man, do me a favor. You see that brick over there?”

Justin Long and some fans on August 22nd:

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