Petra Nemcova Loves Sean Penn

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Sean Penn dated supermodel Petra Nemcova four months ago after he split from his wife, Robin Wright Penn. Sean and Robin have since then reconciled. Maybe somebody should tell Petra that. Rush & Molloy report:

Petra Nemcova has been turning a lot of heads at the Cannes Film Festival – but Sean Penn’s isn’t one of them. “She was flirting heavily with him at the Chopard party Friday,” says a spy. “Later, they went to party on a private yacht. Petra was dirty-dancing with a guy who works for Bono, but it looked like she was trying to get Sean’s attention.”…Penn was talking at the time with Penelope Cruz. But his crinkly eyes seemed fixed on Robin, who appeared to be captivated by whatever Petra was telling her. It wasn’t long before we saw Penn march over, take Robin by the elbow and lead her away, saying, “Come and meet my friend.”

Robin Wright Penn is pretty, but she always looks like people in Zoloft commercials before they take Zoloft. Whenever people talk to her, I get the feeling they have to make sure she’s still alive at some point.

Petra Nemcova at Cannes: