K-Fed is in Love

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While Britney Spears is paying her bodyguard to say he’s her boyfriend, Kevin Federline is now dating Los Angeles hip-hop radio personality Liz Hernandez (this chick). The pair met 18 months ago when Federline was promoting his “album” on Hernandez’s show. The appearance reportedly infuriated Spears at the time because Federline didn’t say Britney’s name immediately when he was asked who was better in bed, her or Shar Jackson. I’m going to go with neither. MSNBC reports:

Kevin is definitely thrilled with Liz,” a source told the tab. “He talks about her all the time – how smart she is, how she’s marketed herself so well, and how beautiful she is. He’s serious about her.”…”Liz is trying to keep [the romance] quiet because she doesn’t want it to get around work, but Kevin can’t help but brag about his conquest to his friends and family,” the source told the Enquirer. “He has tons of modeling pictures of Liz in his home.”

This sounds about right, because K-Fed already has two white kids and two half-black kids. So two half-Mexican ones seem like the next logical step. Who knows where he’d go from there. Maybe an Asian or a mermaid. Maybe an Asian mermaid. Or maybe an Asian maid. We can only guess, because there’s no telling the secrets and desires of the heart.

Britney enjoying her favorite pastime yesterday: