John Stamos is Drunk

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Warner Bros. sent John Stamos home from an E.R. press tour of Australia yesterday due to the actor’s bizarre and erratic behavior. In a span of two days, Stamos launched a verbal attack on TV writer, Stephen Downie (saying he had a small penis on live television), insinuated that he had sex with Mary-Kate Olsen at his beach house and pronounced his own name wrong. Appearing drunk and disoriented during an interview just one day before, Stamos was a guest on the popular daytime show, Mornings with Kerri-Ann Kennerley, where he appeared…wait for it…drunk and disoriented.

The former Full House heart-throb was obviously disorientated as Kennerley’s guest as part of a promotional tour Down Under in which he has constantly appeared blurry-eyed, tired and disheveled. “It was a bit like he’d perhaps come from a hotel mini-bar in true Hollywood style,” a diplomatic Kennerley said…Stamos himself said he was suffering from crossing time zones in a short space of time. “I came from Greece, Cairo and Japan … and, for whatever reason, I am so jet-lagged here,” he said. This seemed unlikely, as Stamos had been in the country since Thursday.”

This is actually a surprise because I’m almost positive I thought John Stamos was dead. Turns out it’s just his career. Nobody really watches E.R. anymore anyway, so they could probably replace his character with a pelican in a tuxedo and nobody would notice for at least five episodes.

John used to be married to this: