Lindsay Lohan Will Never Learn

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Days after pictures of her snorting cocaine in a bathroom stall leaked online, Lindsay Lohan’s friends have been reportedly trying to steer the actress away from bad influences. At Wednesday’s Nylon party, it was model, Calum Best. In turn, Lindsay made out with him the whole night. A friend said:

This isn’t a serious relationship. He’s a piece of shit. He’s a wanna-be celebrity. Lindsay trusts people until they hurt her.”

Lindsay spent the rest of the night doing what she does best:

She was lifting up her skirt, and sending people over to [her friend, deejay] Samantha Ronson when she didn’t like what she was playing,” said a spy. Some wondered whether the 20-year-old rehab grad may have sampled the wares of sponsor Trump Vodka. “Tenjune has a very strict underage nondrinking policy,” insists a club rep.”

Yeah, good luck trying to explain anything to Lindsay that doesn’t involve her getting her way. You might as well explain to your four year old why he saw mommy doing that to daddy. I mean, I guess you could say “jewelry,” but is that the message you want to send to your kids, you little slut?

Lindsay and her nipples in New York: