Lindsay Lohan Gets Hacked – Chapter 2

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Less than one day after Lindsay Lohan’s hacked MySpace, Blackberry and Emails were leaked online, Shanna Moakler responded with this post on her MySpace:

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The post has since been deleted after I assume Shanna realized she was 32 and has three kids, but this sorta confirms all this Lindsay Lohan hacked stuff wasn’t a hoax. Paris’ voice mail is now completely full, and Lindsay Lohan changed her AIM away message to this:

Wow, this is getting out of hand. Somebody better step in quick because if this gets any worse, Shanna Moakler might give Lindsay and Paris a really mean face the next time they see each other. And then Lindsay will smack her teeth. And Paris will roll her eyes. And then a ninja bear will appear and slap the shit out all three of them. Ok, so, the ninja bear part may be technically “impossible”, but anything along those lines would work for me.

Source and credit to ONTD