What To Watch In Oz – November 2015

Sometimes it seems like there’s just TOO much god damn new stuff to throw into your eyeballs each and every month, with this nifty little thing called the internet joining more traditional platforms like TV in offering new and shiny shows and movies to ingest. As always Crave Online Australia is here to help, bringing you the goss on what to hook up to your veins each month in the form of the best TV, streaming, movies and DVDs!

The Hobbit – Battle Of The Five Armies (Extended Edition)

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more out of the fantastical world of Middle-Earth and old mate Peter Jackson drops a doozie of an extended version of the final entry into The Hobbit trilogy, The Battle of the Five Armies. Featuring 20 whole minutes more of Bilbo Baggins and his dwarven buddies carving up swathes of orcs, as well as nine freakin’ hours of bonus features, the Blu-Ray release is a must-have for any Tolkien fans. Keep an eye out for The Hobbit Trilogy Extended Edition which contains extended editions of all three films in one uber boxset.

The Hobbit – Battle Of The Five Armies is out on Blu-Ray November 18th and you can grab it here.

Master Of None

 Aziz Ansari is already well known for not only his outstandingly funny stand up comedy, but as the meme-inspiring, lovable Tom Haverford on Parks and Recreation. Because they’re simply the smartest damn company around, Netflix commissioned a show written and starring Aziz and the result is the effortlessly entertaining Master Of None. Think Louis C.K’s show but less grim.

Master Of None is available on Netflix in full right now.

Doctor Who

No longer just for the geeks amongst us, Doctor Who has returning to fine form under the helm of new Doctor Peter Capaldi and his ballsy sidekick Clara in the latest season of the eternal sci-fi drama. This season is just getting to the pointy part, with the confirmed news that the actress playing Clara (Jenna Coleman) will be finishing up on the show this year, making for some tense viewing moving towards the always spectacular season finale.

Doctor Who airs on ABC and iView Sundays (various times).

Jessica Jones

Yes, I know I’m double dipping into the Netflix goodie bag but that’s just because it is so, so damn good at this time of year. The follow up to the crazily acclaimed Daredevil series comes Jessica Jones, another juicy and ~gritty~ exploration of comic book superheroes, without all the cheese and grandiosity of the Marvel movies. The hot goss on Jessica Jones is already matching that of Daredevil so expect this series to be what everyone is talking about at the end of the month.

Jessica Jones is available on Netflix in full from November 20.

Please Like Me

Josh Thomas’ semi-biographical depiction of being gay and in your twenties in Australia continues to hit all the right buttons, with some true belly laughs created out of natural, realistic characters and events that sometimes make me yell “HOLY SHIT I’VE DONE THAT”. As I’ve discussed before on this here website, more than just a great new Aussie show, Please Like Me is breaking down barriers for the representation of LGBTIQ people on screen and, not to mention, making Josh Thomas a household name over in the States. You go Josh!

Please Like Me airs on the ABC Thursday nights.