‘Very British Problems’ Twitter Account to be Turned into TV Series


We now live in a world where Twitter accounts can be transformed into mediocre TV shows. Those who remember the awful series $h*! My Day Says, based on the Twitter account @shitmydaysays, already knows that the art of 140-character comedy doesn’t necessarily translate well to the small screen. That isn’t going to stop Channel 4 from trying, though, as the broadcaster is looking to turn the Twitter account @SoVeryBritish, better known as Very British Problems, into a comedy show featuring the likes of James Corden, Vic Reeves and Jonathon Ross. 

However, unlike $h*! My Day Says, Very British Problems won’t form the foundations of a sitcom, but will instead be a talking head show in which various comedians sit in front of a camera and talk about how awkward it is to be British. Basically, it’s like every other fucking comedy show on UK TV.

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According to the Comedy Guide, the show will feature “comedians and some of Britain’s best-loved famous faces talking about the crushing weirdness and awkwardness of life as a Brit.” The Twitter account the TV show is based upon (and that is the most millennial sentence I’ll ever write) was created by freelance journalist Rob Temple, and currently boasts over 1 million followers. A book has also been based off of its tweets.

Here are a few choice tweets from the account for you to try to figure out how on Earth this is going to translate to a TV show:

As you can see, they’re mostly about tea. Because British people drink lots of tea, which is apparently hilarious. I don’t know why a beverage is considered in any way humourous, but then again I am also unable to grasp how a show could be commissioned on the back of a Twitter account, so maybe I’m the one who’s out of touch. Or maybe, and I know I’m thinking outside the box here, British TV producers  should start commissioning some actual comedy shows.

Photo: Getty Images