Is ‘The Tick’ Making a Comeback At Amazon?

The Tick

Sometimes a story comes along that may just be too good to be true. This is one of those times, so read this with healthy bit of skepticism.

People Magazine is reporting that “The Tick” is being revived at Amazon with Patrick Warburton set to reprise his title role from the 2001 live action “Tick” TV series that aired on Fox. Originally created as a comic book by Ben Edlund, “The Tick” was a comedy spoof that starred a clueless superhero and his sidekick, Arthur. “The Tick” went on to become an animated series on Fox, which led to video games, action figures and the previously mentioned cult classic live action series that was produced by Edlund, Barry Sonnenfeld, Larry Charles, Barry Josephson and David Sacks.

People Magazine also noted that Edlund (a TV veteran of “Supernatural” and “Revolution”) will write and produce the new incarnation of “The Tick” for Amazon.

Aside from his brief stint as The Tick, Warburton is best known for his roles on “Seinfeld,” “Rules of Engagement,” and The Emperor’s New Groove in addition to his voice acting roles in “The Venture Bros” and ”Family Guy.”

Current “Bates Motel” co-star Nestor Carbonell was also featured on the “Tick” live action series alongside Warburton, David Burke and Liz Vassey.

I’d really like to believe this story, but until Amazon officially announces it, I have serious doubts. What do you think, readers? Is this report legit? Let us know in the comment section below!