NYCC 2013: Superior Spider-Man & Friends Panel Report

Superior Spider-Man

On the last day of New York Comic-Con, Marvel brought out Dan Slott, Nick Spencer, Kelly Sue DeConnick, Humberto Ramos, Steve Wacker, Sana Amanat, Ellie Pyle, Tom Brennan and Jake Thomas to talk about Superior Spider-Man & [His Amazing] Friends.

As you might expect, the Superior Spider-Man got the bulk of the attention as Slott teased the birth of a new Goblin in Superior Spider-Man 23 & 24 as he sets the stage for his next major storyline, “Goblin Nation” in Superior Spider-Man # 27.

Green Goblin has been quietly amassing an army in Superior Spider-Man for months and “Goblin Nation” will bring that to the forefront as Doc Ock/Spidey takes on the man who is arguably Peter Parker’s greatest foe. According to Slott, “all bets are off.”

The panelists were somewhat cagey regarding Peter Parker’s apparent return in Amazing Spider-Man" # 700.1-# 700.5, but it was noted that several veteran creators will be contributing to the five week event, including Joe Casey, Lee Weeks, Brian Reed, Kevin Grievioux, Klaus Janson and more.

Four new titles were announced at this panel. First off was a new Captain Marvel relaunch by DeConnick and artist David Lopez which will bring Carol Danvers into outer space as a cosmic heroine once again. 

Wells is returning to Elektra for a new series with artist Mike Del Mundo. The panelists teased that Elektra will become “the Dexter of assassins.” Nathan Edmondson and Mitch Gerads (the creative team of The Activity) are taking up a new Punisher series which finds Frank Castle relocating to Los Angeles because he thinks that he’s found the major players in crime there. 

The New Warriors are also slated for a comeback, courtesy of Chris Yost and artist Marcus To. Founding members Speedball and Justice will team up with the new Nova, Scarlet Spider and Sun Girl as they deal with a threat from the High Evolutionary. Wacker cited the classic Marv Wolfman/George Perez New Teen Titans run and Brian K. Vaughan’s Runaways as the tonal inspiration for Yost’s take on New Warriors.

The artwork released at the panel can be seen below.