7 Ridiculous Covers of “Take On Me”

A-ha became a one hit wonder in 1985, but what a hit it was. “Take On Me” is an 80s New Wave classic, which has endured to this day. The catchy track has been sung an uncountable number of times over the past three decades by both humans and animals. Here are 7 ridiculous covers of “Take On Me”:


Kum Song School

Take on the accordion? Sure, why not?


Reel Big Fish

Singing this song is the ultimate psych-out.


Mario Paint

This is the version that played at Mario and the Princess’ wedding.



I’ll take these two over that snotty f***ing gecko.


Emil Bulls

Those girls are really turned on by shitty bands.


Literal Video Version

You’ve got to admire a music video for being honest.


Jim Carrey on Letterman

I’m having an intense Cable Guy flashback right now.


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