‘The Walking Dead’ TV Series Spreads To The Web

Despite the recent news that Frank Darabont has stepped down as the showrunner in the middle of the second season, AMC's "The Walking Dead" remains one of the most highly anticipated returning shows of the year. And when it comes back in October, there will be more than just 13 new episodes awaiting fans.

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that a "Walking Dead" web series is currently being prepared for a fall debut as well. The web series will follow a woman named Hannah and her children as they attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse by taking refuge at the home of her ex-husband. No casting has yet been announced, but the webisodes are expected to begin filming next month.

John Esposito ("Masters of Horror") is writing the scripts for the web series, which will be directed by Greg Nicotero, a highly respected special effects artist who is largely responsible for the impressive zombie effects on "The Walking Dead."

Since the late '80s, Nicotero has worked on a staggering amount of film and TV projects, including "Spider-Man 3," "Serenity," "Kill Bill," "Unbreakable," "Frank Herbert's Dune," "The Cell," "Scream" and dozens of others. Last year, Nicotero directed a popular short film called "The United Monster Talent Agency." Nicotero is also the co-founder of the special effects studio, KNB.

The second season of "The Walking Dead" is still in production with new showrunner, Glen Mazzara now guiding the series. It's unclear how many of the episodes were filmed prior to Darabont's departure, but it seems likely that the majority of the scripts were done before he left.

"The Walking Dead" will return to AMC for its second season on Sunday, October 16.