Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘To Catch A Thief’ Finally Caught, Remade

Boy, this remake of To Catch A Thief is going to be a breeze. 'To catch a thief? They're right there! They're stealing Hitchcock's movies left and right! Get them!" Yes, it's easy to get worked up by this sort of thing but it's important to remember that Hitchcock himself probably wouldn't have cared too much. He reused ideas all the time and even remade his own flicks now and again, so the idea that somebody would want to remake To Catch A Thief, which starred Cary Grant as a cat burglar who gets pulled out of retirement after somebody steals his M.O., isn't that offensive.

Still unoffensive, but somewhat worrying, is the talent brought on board to remake To Catch A Thief: producer Neal H. Moritz (xXx, The Bounty Hunter, Stealth) and writer Josh Stolberg (Piranha 3D, Sorority Row), working alongside Robert Florsheim. Those are not classy films on their pedigrees, but they're not all bad either. Piranha 3D and Sorority Row were actually surprisingly good (for what they were). What's most troubling are all the other times Moritz delved into Hitchcockia (new word, spread it around), which led to such disagreeable fare as The Skulls franchise and the Leelee Sobieski thriller The Glass House. Not encouraging…

In his interview with MovieHole, Josh Stolberg had this to say about the To Catch A Thief remake:

”I wrote, with Bobby [Florsheim], a remake of To Catch a Thief for Paramount. Neal Moritz is producing, and it’s exciting because it’s one of my favourite Hitchcock movies and it was fun to come at it from a different angle – make it a little bit more modern and “gadgety.” It’s the first script that I’ve ever written that [encompasses] a lot of heists and action sequences and… it was a blast! I’m really excited. We just turned in the script to the studio a couple of months ago and they’re working on casting now. It takes place in Santarini… it’s a travelogue of the most amazing places on Earth… it’s gonna be a fun, fun ride I think.”

Check out the rest of the interview for updates on his upcoming comedy Man-Witch and more!

Crave Online will be back with more To Catch A Thief news… if we can ever catch the little buggers.