The Toughest Comic Book characters of all time

The Toughest Comic Book characters of all time

Hey Cravers, how are all you guys doing out there? We here at Crave Online ran a poll for a few weeks asking who was the toughest Superhero of all time. The votes have been counted and the results are in. The following list was put together by you, with a little help from us.

10. Wonder Woman

The only lady to make our list comes in at number 10, making her the toughest woman in all of comics as far as you’re concerned. She beat out Lobo for the tenth spot by the way so you should know that this Amazonian means business. Princess Diana of Themyscira has been around since 1941 and was likely the first major female character in Super Hero comics. Tough as nails, the character has been through several changes over the years.

Wonder Woman might have more individual powers than Superman. Among her abilities were super breath, mild telepathy, and ventriloquism. Some of these abilities were removed during her transformation in the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. After that the character was a bit more grounded and more strictly defined. Her powers were almost completely based on the Greek Pantheon.

Crave’s Pick: She should probably be closer to the top five.

9. Green Lantern
Hal Jordan possesses what is mostly considered the most powerful weapon in the universe, his Green Lantern ring. The most famous of all Green Lanterns, Jordan is the poster boy for the group of intergalactic peace keepers. The ring works on sheer will power and usually associates itself with those that can overcome their fears. Jordan is considered the greatest of all Green Lanterns for his ability and his fearlessness.

The first Green Lantern is also still active; his name was Alan Scott who goes by the name Sentinel. Other Green Lanterns include John Stewart, Guy Gardner, and the newest GL Kyle Rayner.  

Crave’s Pick: The best tough guy moment in Green Lantern History was when Guy and Hal got rid of their rings and duked it out to see who would be the next Green Lantern.

8. Spider-Man
Peter Parker can jump into a room full of ninja and not get so much as a paper cut. He’s that bad ass. Created in 1962 Spider-Man has wowed fans for decades with no signs of slowing. Driven by the guilt of inaction Spider-Man is a one man fighting force against criminals. His powers include the proportionate strength of a spider (which is apparently really strong) and able to increase that strength dramatically when under intense pressure.

Spider-Mans strength and agility, his sixth ‘spider’ sense, and web shooters one of the most gifted hand to hand combatants in comics history, able to fight just about anybody straight up, from the Hulk to Wolverine to even Superman. Definitely one of the toughest customers around.
Crave’s Pick: This seems like a good slot to put the wall crawler in. He’s tough, but likely not the toughest.

7. Captain America
The first Captain America, Steve Rogers, died recently in case you’ve been living under a rock. The new Cap is plenty tough but let’s look at both of them individually. Steve is up there when it comes to hand to hand combat, easily a match for Batman. The product of America’s super soldier program, Cap is in peak physical condition (well he was before he took two to the gut). This guy was so tough all he took into battle was a shield he could throw so hard that it did more damage than Spider-Man’s punches.

Bucky Barnes went from being the lamest character since Jimmy Olsen and overnight became one of the coolest characters in Marvels stable. He spent years frozen solid like his mentor Steve but for even longer. Held by the Russian government, he was used as a spy and assassin then put back into deep storage. Now that he’s the new Captain America he mainly operates with that same shield and of course his gun, cause he’s not stupid.

Crave’s Pick: This might be controversial but I don’t think Cap would have made my list, I mean Steve took three to the belly and actually died from what would be considered a comic book flesh wound.

6. Hellboy
On the scene since 1991 Hellboy has carved out niche in the fan boy consciousness. Seemingly impervious to injury, Hellboy is as tough as they come. Many years ago the US government discovered a small red boy with horns and a tail with a giant stone hand that would ultimately be the key to the world destruction. Despite that awful prophecy Hellboy strives to save humanity and work against the forces that are trying to bring about his destiny.

Made even more popular by his motion pictures Hellboy has committed several wanton acts of bad assery from one adventure to the next. If you’re a giant one eyed monster then the last person you want to meet is Hellboy. The same goes for ghouls, ghosts, and any other interdimensional baddies foolish enough to attack earth on Hellboy’s watch.

Crave’s Pick: This guy definitely deserves to be in the top five, he’s that tough.

5. Thor
Just ask Iron Man how tough Thor is. The last time he ran afoul of the Thunder God he got his suit ripped right off. Thor is no joke. Ever since he came back from the darkness that was Ragnarok he’s been more powerful than ever. With that Hammer, Thor has wiped the floor with several bad guys over the years. Villains wear those ass whippings like badges of honor, just ask the Wrecking Crew.

Receiving the Odin power only made this tough guy tougher. Tough enough to take down his own Grandfather Bor. Thor is extremely long lived, reasonably bullet proof, and probably the greatest warrior in the Marvel Universe (sorry Wolverine).

Crave’s Pick: Thor would have been number one on my list easily after his fight against Mangog during Dan Jurgens run on Thor back in 2000.

4. The Hulk
Planet Hulk was the landmark series that reminded fans just how tough Hulk was/is. Marvels gamma radiated titan of terror is easily one of the toughest characters to date. Since he first touched down in 1962 the Hulk has smashed well, just about everything. Unless your name is Superman, the Hulk will smash you. It’s been this way for 47 years now.

The Hulk has seen more changes than just about any other comic book character. From either smart or dumb to even turning Grey, the Hulk has seen many variations over the years. Despite all those changes, his toughness has never been questioned.

Crave’s Pick:  The Hulk would easily make our top five.

3. Superman
The Last son of Krypton is number three on our list of toughest heroes. The greatest of all super heroes has been through a lot over the years. Pre Crisis Superman was probably the most ridiculously powerful superheroes ever. After 1985 his power was reduced considerably, making him no less tough, but different for sure. His powers include super speed, strength, flight, heat vision and a host of other abilities.

Recently Superman found himself no longer alone in the universe. A planet full of Kryptonians have made their home on the other side of the earth’s sun. Despite that he still has proven that he is the most formidable of all his kin. His fights have been the stuff of legend, and his adventures numerous.  

Crave’s Pick: Superman would only move up one slot on this top list if we were writing it.

2. Wolverine
The hardest working man in comics right now is Wolverine. This guy stars in more books than just about anyone and with good reason. This guy has had one of the roughest lives in all of fiction but has come through it as the toughest SOB in Marvel Comics according to you. This Canadian has a healing factor, adamantium skeleton, and drinking problem so don’t get cute or you’ll get slashed by the six foot long claws that come out of the backs of his hands (three claws per hand).

Wolverine eats ninja’s for breakfast, and has dealt with just about everyone in the Marvel U in one fashion or another (except for Spidey) and is worshipped as a warrior of great skill on Mojo World. In closing, Wolverine is the best there is at what he does (which is typically stabbing people with his claws).

Crave’s Pick: This is pretty much dead on. Wolverine is the second toughest guy in comics history.

1. Batman
Well let’s be honest, who didn’t see this coming. Batman is the template for the costumed vigilante and the grand daddy of several knock offs and wannabe’s. Bruce Wayne watched in horror as a scum bag named Joe Chill shot his parents to death right in front of him. Ever since he’s been a one man army against injustice in his city of Gotham. Constantly fighting off murderers and psycho’s, and sometimes murdering psycho’s Batman keeps the people of Gotham safe from everybody except Darksied, who fried Batman with the Omega Sanction recently ending Batman’s crime fighting career effectively.

Of course Batman is too tough to be taken down so easily, so we all wait for his dramatic return. Until then we’re left with memories of all the knuckle sandwiches he’s served up over the years. I’m serious; the dental industry must be a gold mine in Gotham. The biggest testament to Batman’s toughness will be his absence, where we can watch Gotham fall apart without the Caped Crusader there to, you know, crusade.


Crave’s Pick: Batman would have made the list, but not the top 5. Kudo’s for coming back from a broken back however.


That’s it guys, these are the heroes that you picked. Hit the message board and discuss for yourselves how you would put this list together.