Gal Gets Ruthless Revenge After Discovering Ex-Boyfriend Still Uses Her Netflix Account

Photo: DarthArt (Getty)

It takes a set of gonads to still use your ex-girlfriend’s Netflix account, but that’s exactly what one dude in Sacramento, California, did. Well that is until his ex found out.

Student Samantha Pellerin recently learned that her ex had been using her family’s Netflix account after she logged in and noticed that someone had been watching Stranger Things. Well Pellerin decided to do something, as the kids say, savage. Take a look at what she tweeted .

She writes:

“Lmao my ex was still using my Netflix so I waited until he was five episodes into the most recent series of Stranger Things and then kicked him off. “

Here’s what Pellerin had to say to The LADbible:

“We split up about two weeks ago, I went on my Netflix to start watching Stranger Things 2 but it said ‘resume watching’. I hadn’t even started and he’s the only one to have my password, so I knew it had to be him watching it.

It’s my family’s, they were hella mad at me for sharing the password with him.”

That’s right, kids, they were “hella” mad.

Pellerin also adds that she doesn’t regret doing it because he “screwed her over first.”

“I don’t think he knows or he’s just not texting me about kicking him off cause we ended on bad terms,” she added.

If she had waited to the episode before the last one and then cut off his viewing that would have been even more ruthless. But hey, that’s just me. Take a look at some of the Twitter responses.

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