Meryl Streep Covers Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’, Has Forsaken Us All

Meryl Streep’s decades-long streak of unparalleled flawlessness and unrepentant winnery has finally come to end, on this, the ninth day of August of the 2015th year of our lord and saviour (also Meryl Streep). RIP Meryl’s perfection, how we will live in a world where Queen Streep is only 99% perfect, I am yet to figure out.

The Oscar, Tony and universal human heart winner has finally made a wrong-step in an otherwise unblemished and prolific career, recording this cover of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance, for the soundtrack to new movie Ricki and The Flash, written by Diablo Cody and starring Mez as the titular ageing rockstar and I hate it so much I’m typing this from a fetal position under my desk.

Apparently Meryl took guitar lessons from none other then Neil Young ahead of the role, and performs all the music in the film herself, a decision which will go down in infamy as Hollywood’s gravest and most calamitous mistake.

Prepare to be heartbroken and listen to the disaster below. I’m off to watch The Devil Wears Prada thirteen times in a row to see if I can wash this dirty feeling away.