Video: Tool and Motorhead, Working on New Albums, Cross Paths in The Studio


While Tool concocts new sounds to channel their polyrhythmic demons from a time-shifting interdimensional portal, right across the hall Motorhead is working on a new album as well. That’s the latest studio update from Tool guitarist Adam Jones, who posted a video filmed by Motorhead drummer Mikkey Dee as the two bands work on new projects in the same recording studio in Los Angeles.

Tool continue to record the follow-up to 2006’s magnificent 10,000 Days, after lengthy delays brought about by an unfortunate eight-year lawsuit battle. Jones can be seen in the footage, posted on his Facebook page, titled ‘Hanging With Heroes’.  

Dee says: “Hi, everyone. I’m in the studio. I’ve been working hard all day today. I’m going into the lounge. I know that Adam is here – they’re next door to us, the guys from Tool.”

The drummer runs into Jones and Motorhead guitarist Phil Campbell.

He says: “What are you guys doing here, Adam?” who replies, “We’re working on some tunes, having fun, bugging you guys.”

Danny Carey, Tool‘s polyrhythmically demonic drummer, did an interview in Spring of 2013 in which he shared the promising news that the time-signature-molesting legends would enter the studio to begin tracking their new album “sometime in June or July.” Now that that’s actually underway, and frontman Maynard James Keenan has harvested his grapes and sown his awesome weirdo oats, the news doesn’t seem outlandish anymore for the perpetually-delayed prog rockers.

Motorhead are recording the follow-up to 2013’s Aftershock with producer Cameron Webb.