Liverpool Leaving the Door Open for a Steven Gerrard Loan Return


Liverpool’s chief executive Ian Ayre has said that Steven Gerrard could return to the club as early as next winter, as they have left the door open for him to do so when the MLS off-season comes around.

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Gerrard, who announced his retirement from the Premier League before stating that he was travelling to LA Galaxy to help coach the US team, could still return to Liverpool on a loan deal. Speaking to Liverpool radio station CityTalk, Ayre said that both he and manager Brendan Rodgers had made it clear that Gerrard can return if he so wishes, saying: “I’ve said openly to Steven and his representatives, as have Brendan and the owners, that we see Steven as part of the family.”

He continued: “The fact that he’s leaving at the end of the season doesn’t mean it’s the last we’ll see of him at Liverpool.

“What that means, the details aren’t known yet, but we will keep a regular dialogue with him and I hope we will see him here again in the long term.”

Of course, a loan return to Liverpool hasn’t been confirmed as Gerrard is yet to embark upon his new career in the MLS, but if the former captain is willing then it seems that there will always be a place for him at his former club.

Gerrard is set to join LA Galaxy, which was once home to his fellow former Premier League legend and England teammate David Beckham, after the end of the current Premier League season.

Photo: Getty Images