The 10 Best Goriest Movies of All Time

When Sam Raimi’s original The Evil Dead came out in 1981, it was nicknamed “the ultimate experience in grueling horror.” And yes, it was rated NC-17 “for substantial graphic horror violence and gore.” You gotta love those MPAA descriptors. By today’s standards, The Evil Dead seems a little tame, and, thanks to two pointedly silly sequels, the film’s reputation tends to be more comedic than horrific, despite all the blood and all the gore and a few now-iconic scenes in the woods, where certain things occur to a female character that are a little too graphic to describe here.

There is another Evil Dead film slated to be released in theaters on the 5th of April. Dropping the “The,” this new version of the movie is billing itself as “the most terrifying film you will ever experience.” It’s rare that film marketers deal in these pleasantly breathless superlatives anymore, and it’s rarer still that filmmakers attempt to push the envelope as far as the posters promise. Evil Dead, however, seems to go the distance, almost guaranteeing that you’ll be grossed out at least once or twice by the thrilling violence.

In the spirit of superlative gore, we here at CraveOnline have wracked the blood-soaked, horror-obsessed corners of our tender meaty brains, and tried to think up the ten bloodiest, goriest horror films ever made. There were a lot to choose from, but these, we feel, are the cream of the crop. In a world of PG-13-rated horror movies, these films should serve as a refreshing bath in a tub of blended human entrails.

Best Gore Movies Ever


CraveOnline’s Fred Topel attended the world premiere of Evil Dead at SXSW…and you can read his official Evil Dead review now!

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