Emile Hirsch Is Putting Women In Chokeholds At Sundance

Not sure what’s going on with this story, but Emile Hirsch allegedly attacked Paramount exec Dani Bernfeld with a ambush and a chokehold at Tao Nightclub during the Sundance Film Festival. Drake should have let him know he has to pay extra for that.

“Emile was aggressively picking on Dani,” said a source, who added that Hirsch then suddenly snapped and, “He got even more aggressive and aggro. He pushed Dani up against a table, and then he put her in a headlock.” Another source familiar with the incident called Hirsch’s alleged attack a “chokehold,” and added that, “He attacked her from behind — he completely blindsided her after he’d been s - - t-talking and was already led away from her once.” Park City Police confirmed to Page Six they are investigating the incident, and said a county sheriff would decide if charges will be filed.

Doesn’t “aggressive” and “aggro” mean the same thing? It does, right? Let me know if I’m wrong. Anyway, we probably shouldn’t be so quick to punish this guy. It’s more than likely he’s suffering from PTSD since he served in Afghanistan with Mark Wahlberg. #supportourtroops